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Using an iPhone to capture unique video or for biomechanical analysis

Rare Prints

Prints on various substrates with a certificate of authenticity

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1Live Music

Music is an incredible outlet for many people and as time shows incredible music is born from hard times.  As the world is in an interesting position at the moment there is incredible music being played and it is important that the bands who are playing free and very cheap gigs receive the attention and publicity they deserve.

Therefore I am photographing live music for these bands at no charge and give bands full use of images that are suitable for social media and also access to the full high quality images.  The genres that I am most interested in are punk, grindcore and dirty rock though am open to other genres.

Please use the contact page to reach me if you would like your gig photographed or you require shots for albums and promotional materials.

Please note that I will photograph cover bands however there will be a charge.

3Sports Events for Individuals


1Live Music

As with photographing bands I also offer a videography service.  All video is filmed using an iphone running on an BeastGrip rig and lens with a RODE microphone.  The video and sound quality is very high though obviously will not match video that is taken with high spec video equipment and multiple microphones setup around instruments.

If your band would like a live video taken at a gig please contact me as there will be no charge for this; however it will depend on availability and location.

2Bio-mechanical Video for Analysis
3Interview and Vlogs

Rare Prints

1Once Off Prints

A dying skill in photography is post processing away from the computer as darkrooms are not so common any longer; however there are many different substrates that photos can either be printed or transfered onto.  I utilise an Epsom printer with pigment inks to transfer onto different substrates such as metal, wood and glass using different techniques.

This takes many hours of work to ensure high quality and photographs must be planned very carefully as each substrate gives a different feeling to an image; therefore these works are rarely release and generally not repeated.  Each piece of work comes with a certificate of authenticity.

2Custom Prints
3Re-release Prints